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Oct 7 '11

Top Tips for choosing music at your wedding

Your Wedding Music Guide

Your special day is fast approaching and you are desperately trying to decide a million things at once: the dress, the shoes, the cake - the music?

…One worry can be eliminated in a simple phone call to H2Oh! Entertainment. We can help you with wedding music ideas. Read on for a few handy suggestions before you pick up the phone!

1. More Than a Band

Think about your musical entertainment as being as important as your dress, cake and flowers!

·         The party is the time of day when everyone mingles and has fun – people will remember it just as much as anything else! Musical acts can play your special song as a first dance and can help to make your day romantic, uplifting and extra special.

·         Music can feature at any time in your day and live musicians make the atmosphere so magical and personal; they are a great alternative to a CD when you walk down the aisle or sign the register.

2. Mix it Up

You may love Thrash Metal, but why not choose an act that plays a wide variety of music so that everyone can have a great time?

·         A big range of guests will be at your wedding, so why not pick a versatile band? People have been amazed that their Grannies got up and danced!

·         This doesn’t mean the band will be boring but that they can read a crowd, play the perfect songs at a suitable volume and be friendly and professional. Many bands can learn a few new songs (for those who might want a more “unusual” song played) and are happy to tailor their set to suit your needs as much as possible.

3. The Whole Day

Musicians can accompany when you down the aisle or at your drinks/ wedding breakfast as well as playing ‘til the sun goes down…

·         Music that is perfect for the more formal parts of the day can be performed by musicians such as a harpist, string quartet, solo vocalist or acoustic guitarists.

·         We also have a wealth of acts that can perform in many different guises and styles, so do consider all aspects of your day and what moving, personal or fitting music could accompany it. Let us know exactly what you want and need, and we’ll try to save you money by booking the same musicians to appear several times.

4. Play That Funky Music, DJ!

Book a DJ set to finish off the night for those die-hard dancers or if you have restrictions on space/ budget

·         DJ sets can be great for when you really do want a big mixture of songs, want to make requests on the night, and hear the authentic version of your favourite tunes.

·         If you have booked a band, they could play a DJ set after their performance. The bonus here is that all the equipment is set up and ready to go. Usually the acts provide up to an hour’s DJ set or roughly until about midnight.

·         DJs can be booked at a lower cost than a band and these days and, thanks to digital technology, can have thousands of songs at their fingertips. (Though there are still old-school DJs who use vinyl and CDs!) DJs usually play until about 1am as standard.

5. Speak to Your Venue

It’s really important to talk to your venue about their sound limitations, time curfew, space for the musicians to perform, plus any other advice

·         Almost all popular wedding venues will be used to musicians playing for events so they will be able to tell you what their curfew is and if they have what’s known as a Sound Limiter. (This means that the band must remain below a certain volume before they get cut off - but this is usually more than loud enough for your party.)

·         Your venue should also have somewhere for the musicians to go when they aren’t performing. They can also let you know how much space is available for the band to perform in and where they can plug their instruments/ PA in.

·         Why not put H2Oh! in touch with your venue directly? We’ll ask all the right questions and make sure everything runs smoothly – for no extra charge.

6. H2Oh! Entertainment say… Relax!

Our musicians are professional, self-contained and friendly and come with our seal of approval

·         We have a database of musicians who are known personally to us, whose fulltime job it is to provide professional entertainment at many important events, like your wedding, and who are happy to listen to your requirements.

·         All bands are self-contained with PA and lighting as standard, and usually don’t need any staging so can fit into many sizes and shapes of performance areas. Added to which your H2Oh! Co-ordinator will run through everything with you from enquiry to the Big Day to pick up on any issues or questions you may have.

·         In a nutshell, we believe that musical accompaniment to your Wedding Day is something worth giving serious consideration to. Just give us a call and we’ll happily give you some options and advice. 

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